Oct 12, 2005

Creature From The Haunted Sea (1961)

Since this is Thanksgiving in Canada, there should be some turkey in order, right? Well here at the screening room, I'm offering up this abomination from Roger Corman. And by the way, I use that term "abomination" with the utmost of respect.

If you know about the Corman filming process, they would first come up with the title, then the poster, then the movie. I'd like to know where along the line they decided that the monster in this movie was going to be some ridiculous potato sack thing with golf ball eyes. Good thing this film is intended to be a spoof. As such, for a grimy 500 dollar back alley movie, it's actually a lot of fun, with its hip narration, and plot of some gangsters looking for treasure in a lake where this high school pageant monster abides. You could call it a lighter cousin to LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS, and as such, it's not at bad a way to kill an hour or so while waiting for the stuffing to get done in the oven.

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