Oct 24, 2005

Mystery of the Wax Museum (1933)

Today I picked up the DVD of HOUSE OF WAX- a film I've never particularly been all enthused about. But I bought it because the bonus feature on the disc was the movie that it remade (and tried to bury)- MYSTERY OF THE WAX MUSEUM, featuring the great Lionel Atwill as the madman who runs the museum, Fay Wray who snoops around the mysterious goings-on at the attraction (namely pondering why these wax bodies are so lifelike), and Glenda Farrell as a wise-cracking reporter. I used to watch it every Halloween weekend, and now I have a darn good reason to again. Shot in two-strip Technicolor, this is a melange of horror, crime and newspaper genre pictures of the early 1930's and it is very entertaining. To me, it is still miles ahead of the Vincent Price 3D remake.

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