Oct 17, 2005

More American Graffiti (1979)

Nobody really wanted this sequel to the George Lucas blockbuster, but any 70's movie with Paul LeMat is worth your time, as far as I'm concerned. This followup features Paul LeMat, Candy Clark, Charlie Martin Smith, Cindy Williams and Ronny Howard each in vignettes of a New Years Eve of a different year in the 1960s. Cindy is somehow caught up in a demonstration, Candy falls in with the Haight Ashbury crowd, Charlie is in Vietnam, and Paul? Well, he wants to win a stock car race. Each story thread, while taking place years apart from each other, is told simultaneously. It doesn't disguise how rather thin each of the four stories are, but interweaving these different dramas show how in multi-faceted ways how the Vietnam war affects them. The LeMat sequence represents the age of innocence that is completely lost int he other segments.

Whatever happened to director Bill Norton (he also gave us CISCO PIKE at the beginning of the 70's- what a guy.)

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