Mar 10, 2018

Eurofantasmo! #1

Since my last birthday had a zero in it, I decided to keep my mind occupied for the day instead of moping around in my bathrobe, drinking cheap sherry and watching reruns of "Flo". (Not that there's anything wrong with sitting around in your bathrobe, drinking cheap sherry and watching reruns of "Flo", if the spirit moves you.)

Therefore, on the big day, I did a couple of things that I hadn't done in years: I hosted a screening and printed a zine! One overcast Sunday afternoon, the very first issue of Eurofantasmo! made its official, though inconspicuous, debut at the screening.

Eurofantasmo! chronicles the rich history of Europe's genre cinema circa late 1950s to 1990; each issue tackles a different subgenre or topic. The debut issue focuses on superhero or super-criminal movies made in Italy during the 1960s. These twelve digest-sized pulse-pounding pages review eleven such films, including Danger Diabolik, both Kriminal films, Satanik, and both Superargo movies.

While still toiling away at the new, revamped ESR (which has already been pushed back twice), I had the idea to do this little zine. Consider it the side dish to the main course still in progress. This project nonetheless provides an outlet for my lifelong fascination with and exploration of European genre film (and I still feel I'm scratching the surface). I felt it was a necessary diversion to preparing the new ESR. It also proved to be a pleasant throwback to the old days: thinking about design, proofreading, stapling and collating.

And considering after three months, I have yet to receive any feedback on it, yep, it really is like the old days. (Granted, I'm behind in mailing out some copies to people who wanted a mag but couldn't attend the screening.) I still have some if you're interested! The next issue will likely go to print next month.

Oh, and what was the screening? I showed the Stephen Boyd-Sylva Koscina caper film, The Manipulator. Whatever I can do to spread the word on this quirky delight.

Mar 9, 2018

Screenings: Jan - Feb, 2018

ABOVE: The Other Side Of Hope

Feature films, made-for-TV movies, theatrical shorts viewed in the past two months.

January 2018 viewings:
The Bounty Man (1972; John Llewellyn Moxey) (TV)
The Cat of the Worm's Green Realm (1997; Stan Brakhage)
Cocaine Fiends (1936; William A. O’Connor) *
Coupling (1999; Stan Brakhage) *
Creation (1979; Stan Brakhage)
Cyberville (1994; George Haggerty)
The Dante Quartet (1987; Stan Brakhage)
The Devil's Honey (1986; Lucio Fulci)
The Electric Horseman (1979; Sydney Pollack) *
Emergency Landing (1941; William Beaudine)
Every Thing Will Be Fine (2015; Wim Wenders)
Eye Myth (1967; Stan Brakhage) *
A Ghost Story (2017; David Lowery)
Gonks Go Beat (1964; Robert Hartford-Davis)
Good Day For A Hanging (1959; Nathan Juran)
Gun Fight (1961; Edward L. Cahn)
Hamburger Hamlet (1974; George Haggerty)
Hellcats of the Navy (1957; Nathan Juran)
High Powered (1945: William Berke)
Homes On Wheels (1992; George Haggerty)
I … Dreaming (1988; Stan Brakhage)
In Between (1955; Stan Brakhage)
Jail Bait (1954; Edward D. Wood, Jr.) *
Jaws of Death (1976; William Grefe)
Lucky (2017; John Carroll Lynch)
Mall Time (1988; George Haggerty)
Minesweeper (1943 William Berke)
The Mirror (1975;  Andrei Tarkovsky)
Mongo's Back In Town (1971; Marvin J. Chomsky) (TV)
The Monk (1969; George McCowan) (TV)
Moonlighting Wives (1966; Joe Sarno)
Mothlight (1963; Stan Brakhage) *
Night And The City (1950; Jules Dassin)
The Other Side Of Hope (2017; Aki Kaurismaki)
Ring of Terror (1962; Clark L. Paylow)
Robotopia (1990; George Haggerty)
Rocky Mountain Rangers (1940; George Sherman)
Santo and Blue Demon Versus Dracula And The Wolf Man (1972; Miguel M. Delgado)
Shaker Run (1985; Bruce Morrison)
Virginia Creepers (2009; Sean Kotz and Christopher Valluzzo)
Window Water Baby Moving (1959; Stan Brakhage)
Zambo King of the Jungle (1972; Bitto Albertini)

February 2018 viewings:
Anticipation of the Night (1958; Stan Brakhage)
Borderline (1950; William A. Seiter)
Captain America (1979; Rod Holcomb) (TV)
Captain America II (1979; Ivan Nagy) (TV) *
Cornbread, Earl and Me (1975; Joseph Manduke)
Cry Danger (1951; Robert Parrish) *
Death Squad (1974; Harry Falk) (TV)
Detroit 9000 (1973; Arthur Marks)
The Devil's Express (1976; Barry Rosen)
Eye Of The Labyrinth (1972; Mario Caiano)
GalaxyQuest (1999; Dean Parisot)
Ganja and Hess (1973; Bill Gunn) +
Haunts Of The Very Rich (1972; Paul Wendkos) (TV)
The Lift (1985; Dick Maas)
Night of the Living Dead (1968; George A. Romero) *
One Down, Two To Go (1982; Fred Williamson)
Orchestra Wives (1942; Archie Mayo)
OSS 117 Unleashed (1963; Andre Hunebelle)
Seeds Of Evil (1974; James H. Kay)
Sirius Remembered (1959; Stan Brakhage)
That Man Bolt (1973; Henry Levin, David Lowell Rich)
A Touch of Satan (1970; Don Henderson)
The Werewolf and the Yeti (1975; Miguel Iglesias)
The Wold Shadow (1972; Stan Brakhage) *
Xanadu (1980; Robert Greenwald) *

* denotes a repeat watch (all others without asterisks are first-time viewings)
(TV) is a made-for-TV movie
+ (I had previously seen the re-released version of Ganja and Hess, which was cut down, had additional scenes shot, had numerous re-release titles, and a different director credit; I saw that one on video with the title Blood Couple. Still, until now, I had never seen the original Ganja and Hess, restored to DVD and released by All Day Entertainment. I am counting it as a first-time viewing as it is indeed a completely different movie experience.)