Oct 18, 2005

Calendar (1993)

Atom Egoyan directs and even stars in this "little movie" which I think is his masterpiece. He plays a man who every month has a dinner date with a different Armenian woman that perfoms precisely the same actions. This repetition is a cathartic way for him to come to turns with the departure of his wife, who ran away with their Armenian tour guide while they were travelling on a photo assignment. Basically a three-person character study (not counting the fleeting 12 women in the calendar year), a fourth character can be considered to be the camera itself which recorded a lot of the images from the shoot that Eogyan watches obsessively. In Egoyan's world, video images are not only memories but surrogate companionship. And despite that this is a film of even smaller scale than those he was making at the time, it is still very complex, and assembled in Egoyan's typical non-linear style.

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