Oct 11, 2005

Summer (1986)

I've only seen a handful of Eric Rohmer films, most of which I've liked. This fable concerns a rather miserable young woman who leaves Paris in the hope of finding some happiness on a seaside getaway. The film is less about her finding someone who can love her, than about her allowing herself to be loved. To be certain, the central character is rather abrasive, sometimes too much so, that one may not care whether she finds love or not. As always, Rohmer's film is a complex study of relationship, full of the attraction-repulsion towards people that harkens back to LA COLLECTIONEUSE (1967). I also love the diary structure to this movie. One to remember. The actual title for this film is LE RAYON VERT, or The Green Ray, as there is a pivotal scene where characters talk about the elusive green ray of sunlight seen at dusk.

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