Oct 21, 2005

Someone To Love (1987)

One of the few Henry Jaglom films I've ever sat through more than once, I've always had a soft spot for this low-key comedy-drama. The actor-director more or less plays himself, and invites his friends to an empty movie theatre so they can sit around and talk about love and loneliness. The director is more or less himself too, and delivers a fascinating and maddening montage of moments with little regard to structure or continuity. Even so, as much as his films typically infuriate me, I do admire how he makes these little movies on his own terms and they do carry some noble truths in the baggage. Andrea Marcovicci has a lovely role, and Jaglom's mentor, Orson Welles, is posthumously tacked in as a spirit or muse or something, whom Jaglom chats with periodically, often nodding at any kind of philosophy that comes from this great sage.

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