Oct 16, 2005

Sunday (1997)

The best film of 1997 for me was NOT that low-budget boat movie.... what was it? Oh never mind...

SUNDAY headed my list that year. It is an outstanding story of an unemployed man who lives in a men's hostel, who one afternoon is mistaken by an over-the-hill actress for being an renowned film director... and the man goes along with the mistaken identity. Equal parts cinema verite and an Antonioni-esque web of isolation, this movie is about the lies that people create, and others who let them live those lies. This drama is intercut with footage of men first seen in the hostel, out making their daily jaunts. In this world, it seems everyone is lost and empty. Overall, this movie is a complex mood piece which gives us a haunting portrayal of urban life seldom seen in an "art movie". Miss it at your peril;

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