Oct 26, 2005

Alien Contamination (1980)

I haven't been big on Italian fantasy cinema since Mario Bava left this planet, but oh brother, this one is just hilarious trash that is perfect viewing for this time of year. In fact, throughout this week, my films du jour are highlighting some lesser known scary movie. For me, it is the second-tier films that are so fun to watch around now- there's so many of them to discover! Anyway, some egg things break open, and before long we have yet another ALIEN clone, with lots of goo and a thundering score by Goblin. I love the dubbed voices that have studio echo, yet we're supposed to be hearing their muted voices when they have space helmets on. Now you've got an idea of its goofy charm. I know its on DVD and everything, but for me, this is the perfect title to watch on the old ratty Paragon VHS transfer.

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