Oct 25, 2005

The Dead Don't Die (1974)

George Hamilton investigates some suspicious goings-on at a morgue, and soon finds out the title truth. I saw this on the late late late show 20 years ago, and dismissed it, but today it looks better than ever. What Curtis Harrington has done in the made-for-TV chiller is make it entirely in the look and style of a 1930's programmer, right down to the art deco credits. And if the plot is somewhat hoary for the 1970's, well it is perfect pulp for the then 40-year old world it creates. I've always felt that Harrington (an important figure in 1940's avant-garde cinema) had the career that Kenneth Anger wishes he could have had in Tinseltown. Harrington's features are often melodramas which evoke a style of of old Hollywood moviemaking. This one is a real winner.

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