Oct 5, 2005

The Magnificent Seven Ride! (1972)

Lee Van Cleef is the man, so this film has been seen on my TV set about 2 dozen times... no jive. He fits comfortably in this fourth go-round for the seven as they prortect a town full of widowed women from Mexican bandidos. It is refreshing to see a Van Cleef vehicle in the 1970's that isn't embarassing to watch (the direction is competent, but light years from the hacks that employed him around the same time), and his tough anti-hero is a joy to watch. The movie has the feel of a TV movie (because George McCowan has directed many), but that is part of its warmth. It was never on video, so I was thrilled to see it on DVD last summer. The disc comes with a superb trailer, too. This used to play on TV so often when I was a teenager, that I could quote most of it. I still can... my poor wife.

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