May 29, 2012

DVD Releases We Dig This Week (05.29.12)

This week features great releases for discriminating viewers on either side of the spectrum.

Just in time for the summer weather preview, Criterion offers up two summer-themed films from Sweden, made by Ingmar Bergman just before his breakthrough in the 1950s: Summer Interlude (1951), and Summer With Monika (1952). I still haven't seen the former title (described by Jean-Luc Godard as "the most beautiful of films"), but fondly recall watching Summer With Monika many years ago- it remains one of his finest achievements.

And from the arthouse, we go to the grindhouse, with a fistful of new releases by Redemption, all of French horror director Jean Rollin: Rape of a Vampire (1968), Requiem For a Vampire (1971) and The Demoniacs (1974). These extended edition disks are a must for fans of the director, or Euro-genre films in general. 

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