May 8, 2012

DVD Releases We Dig This Week (05.08.12)

Well, we're still catching up with all the amazing releases we reported last month here and here, but couldn't let this week go by without mentioning the exciting release of the complete series of The Invisible Man. This 1975 program, featuring David McCallum in the title role, ran only half a season (12 episodes, including a movie-of-the-week pilot), but is fondly remembered by science fiction fans of the silver age.

I've only seen the feature-length pilot episode, catching it as Sunday afternoon filler in the early 1980s- and while even that young age, I always already spoiled by the James Whale version, I did think it was quite interesting, and certainly look forward to seeing this again after so many years.

This set is made available by VEI (Visual Entertainment Inc.).  Now can someone please release the 1976 series, The Gemini Man?

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