Nov 6, 2004

VHS Wonderland

SWow, my first post. Hmm... wonder how many blogspots start with that?

Well, anyhow, in my upcoming plan to redo ESR's website, I thought it might also be fun to have this blog in conjunction with the regular site. In addition to discussing my pursuits in the publication, I also plan on writing about my interests in film, writing, underground culture, and so on.

Tonight, on the way home I stopped off at Honest Ed's (AGAIN!) for their 99 cent video sale. Among some goodies, my big picks were the road movie PAYDAY (1973), which I've been trying to find for 20 years, and the collage movie DYNAMITE CHICKEN (1971), which features such diverse pop culture figures as Richard Pryor, Leonard Cohen and Yoko Ono. For a buck each! Unbelievable.

Then I went next door to Suspect to see if they had the original Japanese version of GODZILLA without Raymond Burr. They did not, but while I was flipping through the "G" section, I found a copy of GLEN AND RANDA! It's the old Zen principle, "don't look for it, you'll find it". This hippie-dippie Jim McBride post-apoc fantasy has been another elusive title on my list (of course my list is 30 pages long, but forget that), so I rented that.

Queen Video was selling a VHS copy of THE PROJECTIONIST for three bucks. The young lady at the counter told me that they sold off all their Rodney Dangerfield movies after he died! He still don't get no respect. I taped this off Bravo, but it's good to have an SP mode copy not off-air.

Today we did more work on prep for the opening sequence for the pilot that Simon and I are doing. Finally, I'm getting all psyched up about the shoot, which extends over three nights next week. I've been in a psychic slump lately... the past few months in fact. This year has blurred by so fast- the fall is my favourite time of year, and I've barely absorbed the fact that it's here!

Tomorrow is the fall edition of the Small Press Fair. I'm finally starting to get excited about it. For some reason, it only happens the night before. For my feelings about being at trade shows such as these, I suppose it's only fair I reserve those for tomorrow's blog.

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Rob Craig said...

Ah, finding something at the bargain counter of the video store that you were looking for, or forgot you were looking for, or didn't even know you were looking for but can't live without now that you've found it; now THAT's living.