Mar 9, 2018

Screenings: Jan - Feb, 2018

ABOVE: The Other Side Of Hope

Feature films, made-for-TV movies, theatrical shorts viewed in the past two months.

January 2018 viewings:
The Bounty Man (1972; John Llewellyn Moxey) (TV)
The Cat of the Worm's Green Realm (1997; Stan Brakhage)
Cocaine Fiends (1936; William A. O’Connor) *
Coupling (1999; Stan Brakhage) *
Creation (1979; Stan Brakhage)
Cyberville (1994; George Haggerty)
The Dante Quartet (1987; Stan Brakhage)
The Devil's Honey (1986; Lucio Fulci)
The Electric Horseman (1979; Sydney Pollack) *
Emergency Landing (1941; William Beaudine)
Every Thing Will Be Fine (2015; Wim Wenders)
Eye Myth (1967; Stan Brakhage) *
A Ghost Story (2017; David Lowery)
Gonks Go Beat (1964; Robert Hartford-Davis)
Good Day For A Hanging (1959; Nathan Juran)
Gun Fight (1961; Edward L. Cahn)
Hamburger Hamlet (1974; George Haggerty)
Hellcats of the Navy (1957; Nathan Juran)
High Powered (1945: William Berke)
Homes On Wheels (1992; George Haggerty)
I … Dreaming (1988; Stan Brakhage)
In Between (1955; Stan Brakhage)
Jail Bait (1954; Edward D. Wood, Jr.) *
Jaws of Death (1976; William Grefe)
Lucky (2017; John Carroll Lynch)
Mall Time (1988; George Haggerty)
Minesweeper (1943 William Berke)
The Mirror (1975;  Andrei Tarkovsky)
Mongo's Back In Town (1971; Marvin J. Chomsky) (TV)
The Monk (1969; George McCowan) (TV)
Moonlighting Wives (1966; Joe Sarno)
Mothlight (1963; Stan Brakhage) *
Night And The City (1950; Jules Dassin)
The Other Side Of Hope (2017; Aki Kaurismaki)
Ring of Terror (1962; Clark L. Paylow)
Robotopia (1990; George Haggerty)
Rocky Mountain Rangers (1940; George Sherman)
Santo and Blue Demon Versus Dracula And The Wolf Man (1972; Miguel M. Delgado)
Shaker Run (1985; Bruce Morrison)
Virginia Creepers (2009; Sean Kotz and Christopher Valluzzo)
Window Water Baby Moving (1959; Stan Brakhage)
Zambo King of the Jungle (1972; Bitto Albertini)

February 2018 viewings:
Anticipation of the Night (1958; Stan Brakhage)
Borderline (1950; William A. Seiter)
Captain America (1979; Rod Holcomb) (TV)
Captain America II (1979; Ivan Nagy) (TV) *
Cornbread, Earl and Me (1975; Joseph Manduke)
Cry Danger (1951; Robert Parrish) *
Death Squad (1974; Harry Falk) (TV)
Detroit 9000 (1973; Arthur Marks)
The Devil's Express (1976; Barry Rosen)
Eye Of The Labyrinth (1972; Mario Caiano)
GalaxyQuest (1999; Dean Parisot)
Ganja and Hess (1973; Bill Gunn) +
Haunts Of The Very Rich (1972; Paul Wendkos) (TV)
The Lift (1985; Dick Maas)
Night of the Living Dead (1968; George A. Romero) *
One Down, Two To Go (1982; Fred Williamson)
Orchestra Wives (1942; Archie Mayo)
OSS 117 Unleashed (1963; Andre Hunebelle)
Seeds Of Evil (1974; James H. Kay)
Sirius Remembered (1959; Stan Brakhage)
That Man Bolt (1973; Henry Levin, David Lowell Rich)
A Touch of Satan (1970; Don Henderson)
The Werewolf and the Yeti (1975; Miguel Iglesias)
The Wold Shadow (1972; Stan Brakhage) *
Xanadu (1980; Robert Greenwald) *

* denotes a repeat watch (all others without asterisks are first-time viewings)
(TV) is a made-for-TV movie
+ (I had previously seen the re-released version of Ganja and Hess, which was cut down, had additional scenes shot, had numerous re-release titles, and a different director credit; I saw that one on video with the title Blood Couple. Still, until now, I had never seen the original Ganja and Hess, restored to DVD and released by All Day Entertainment. I am counting it as a first-time viewing as it is indeed a completely different movie experience.)

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