Apr 4, 2014

If I Ran BFI Film Classics...

You've likely seen in the book store's film section these thin, pocket-sized books, running 80 - 100 pages, each devoted to analyzing one singular film. These volumes, under the imprint of BFI Film Classics are quite often great reads. Still, while this BFI film series (nearly 100 titles to date) has an impressive catalog of the expected classics and arthouse favourites, one feels that there is a whole other world of cinema they could be covering. 

One evening about three years ago, I felt inspired to have a little Photoshop fun, and did my own run of book titles that the BFI could be releasing, using some Facebook friends as authors. These were collected in a Facebook album for my friends to see, but thought maybe the outside world might enjoy them too! Have fun! 

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