Mar 25, 2008

Global TV signoff

Now THIS is the kind of thing YouTube was made for.... here is the signoff from the Global Television network that countless insomniacs like myself would view after watching the late night movie, or reruns of "The Mod Squad" and "Room 222".

The theme song during the montage has haunted me for years-- an admirable feat, considering I haven't heard it since 1986! Listening to it again all these years, it's not hard to get back that warm and fuzzy feeling that comes hand in hand with the late late show. Now I'm wondering who the singer is--- maybe Tommy Ambrose?

Anyway, enjoy. And I can't help but wonder what that Robert Goulet movie was like....


Rob Craig said...

Never in my life have I seen a better-produced, or more elaborate, TV sign-off! The sign-offs I recall from New York-area stations were a static telop with the logo, and some drowsy announcer reading the station's laundry list of wattage, etc. -- nothing like this! This was commercial video art! Absolutely amazing! It is also, curiously, a sociological artifact, with that footage of the "man on the street" (taped outside Global's corporate offices, I imagine.) It is truly amazing what exists, and what is lost, in the bottomless pit called television. Good job in locating this! RC

Greg Woods said...

Hey, thanks! Actually some of the "recreational" footage was shot in Nathan Phillips Square outside of Toronto's City Hall. (The shots of the girl zenning out by the fountain, and so on...)

But the "man in the street" stuff could have been outside Global's office as you say, or perhaps even the financial district on Bay St., not far from city hall.

And since I've rhapsodized about The Cat's Pajamas on WGRZ-TV for most of my adult life, in the near future, I should post the sign-off for that station.