Oct 29, 2007

Hub City (1997)

The first film on the collection "Homeland Insecurity", a trio of Bill Brown's films released by Microcosm Publishing, is a disarming, quirky and haunting 15-minute short about his hometown of Lubbock, Texas.

On the soundtrack, the narrator talks about time, the weather and fellow Lubbock native Buddy Holly. Weather contributed to demise of the rock 'n roll great in 1959, and a 1970 tornado that created havoc in the downtown core of Lubbock, and yet the sky leaves no marks of such tragedy. Onscreen, images of weather (recalling the diaristic films of George Kuchar) and haunting shots of empty, half eroded buildings and signs (shot with the simple grace of James Benning) leave on film a permanent record of sorrow and loss.

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