Feb 7, 2006

Cut n Paste

Hi folks, welcome back to ESR Journal for 2006!

Sorry for the neglect over the past couple of months, but with shows shows shows in the fall, the holiday season, Florida and then having an awful cold, we're finally back among the living. I guess what better way to start than with... the first venue of 2006.

Stacey Case once again had Cut n Paste this year at Sneaky Dee's. After an astonishingly underattended fair last year, I'm happy to report that there were lots of vendors and traffic this year. Alas, not too many sales for ESR, but that's okay, because C&P is probably the most fun venue I attend each year- it is still by far the most unique independent culture fair I set up shop at annually. A diverse mix of stuff, with an interesting mix of underground vendors both new and veteran. As usual, Mr. Case had a pile of Mexican lobby cards for sale- I picked up a few and will be posting them in the near future (I need a big enough scanner!!!)

Thanks to our pal Dion Conflict for taking this photo of yours truly holding one of our wonderful DVD's. And congrats once again to Stacey-- already looking forward to CnP 2007!

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