Aug 25, 2011

The Eclectic Screening Room is Returning to a Computer Screen or iPod Near You!


Some of you may remember a while back that we did a short run of video podcasts under the banner "ESR Late Nite", in which we would feature a movie, introduced by yours truly. In keeping with the old tradition of the late night movie show (hence, the title), we would pepper the feature with a little talk, vintage commercials and trailers. After much time spent thinking about it since we produced those six episodes, I am excited to report that once again we will be entering the wonderful world of downloads and streaming on a more full-time basis this fall. For season two of this show, now renamed (guess) "The Eclectic Screening Room" will be a reboot of what we wanted to achieve with the earlier program. While there's still much work to be done before we completely let the cat out the bag, below you can watch the new series opening- we're still retaining the late night vibe, and perhaps giving it the more intimate kind of tone I had been seeking. Enjoy, and see you soon.

Also, you can subscribe to the show via iTunes with this feed:


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