Jan 1, 2022


For years, Greg Woods, JC Culp and some fellow cinemavens have used the catchphrase Mount Unwatched® to describe that daunting pile of untouched movies in our ever-growing collections. “Have you seen (insert title here)?” “No, but it’s on Mount Unwatched.”

Well, we are thrilled to announce  2022 as “the” year in which we take control of our collections (and lives) by scaling these towers of unwatched movies, videos and TV shows. Then we will post reviews of what we watch! Mused about for years, the Mount Unwatched® Challenge comes alive in 2022!

* * * * *

Sound like fun? YOU can take part too! 

If you have stacks of movies waiting to be watched, by all means, start digging through them and post your thoughts on your blog or website, and send us the link!
We’ll gather links to all related reviews and send them out in a monthly Mount Unwatched Report! (Gee, we sound like Loblaws.) Welcome aboard! 

Here is what can be included in the Mount Unwatched® Challenge: any factory-pressed physical media that you own: feature films, shorts, even TV episodes, that you have on DVD, Blu-ray, VHS… even film prints, if you’re so inclined. 

NOT included are stuff on hard drives, USB thumb drives (you get the idea); AVIs, MP4s or any computer files; homemade VHS or DVD-Rs (ie- off-air recordings). (Sorry, but we had to draw the line somewhere. And obviously, theatrical and streaming are off the table, as we don’t “own” copies of them.)

Otherwise our only condition is, these must be FIRST TIME viewings. Everyone is taken at their word - including us! 

We also encourage people to include things like how and why they acquired these titles (if they remember), and how they feel about finally getting around to view them.

Send your links, or questions, to: mountunwatched at gmail dot com

Want to participate, but don’t have a blog or website? No problem- reach out to us at the address above, we’ll post it on our site for you, with accreditation to you.

Thanks for reading, and stay tuned as JC, Greg, and the homebound masses recount their trek up Mount Unwatched®! 

(PS- that image is meant to be representative; it was NOT taken at any of our houses.)