Jan 4, 2016

Turning The Light Back On


Shot looking down a darkened hallway. At the end of the hallway is a door. It opens with a SCREEE-ONNKKK. Enter man, 45, Steve McQueen haircut, wearing white dress shirt and a soiled, black two-piece suit that has obviously been slept in (or on) too many times. He nonchalantly walks to the foreground carrying a paper cup of coffee in his left hand as his leather soles slap on the cement floor. 

As his upper half fills the frame, he stops, looks to his right and fumbles through his tattered suit jacket. The muffled sound of jingling keys is heard.


Close up of a huge padlock. The key turns in the bottom. The lock opens with a huge KA-CHUNGGGG. 


INT. of a darkened room. A door in background to the right opens with a SCREEE-ONNKKK and light fills the room. The silhouette of our hero is in the rectangular frame of light. A small staircase is revealed inside the door. The man enters, fumbles in the dark for a string, finds it, pulls it, and a mild SPLINK is heard on the soundtrack as the interior is now illuminated with a dangling, swaying lightbulb. The man pulls the door behind him, locks it, and ascends the small staircase. 


Close up of a desk counter. On it rests a stack of 16mm reels, a hodgepodge mess of VHS tapes and half-opened DVD cases. Once a desk lamp from above clicks on, it is revealed that all is covered with a thin coating of dust. 


A medium shot of our hero setting his coffee on the desk, picking up the stack of film reels, blowing the dust from them, setting them down, picking up the stack of VHS tapes, and similarly blowing the dust from them.


Close up of our hero gazing down at the VHS tapes which are out of focus in the foreground. He smiles to himself as he scans the stickers on the tapes. Then he looks up off-camera, and does a double take.


A sign that glows in magenta neon, and hums with a “nzzzzzznnnnn” sound as it turns on. In Bristol Font, the sign reads: “The Eclectic Screening Room Is Open”. 


Anyone still out there? Wow, hard to believe that it has been over 36 months since I’ve seriously written anything about cinema (despite some false starts along the way). I’ve missed it. The desire was still there, but the tired mind just wasn’t ready to make that commitment again.

Why now? It was the trials and tribulations of last year. Deaths of family members too young, and work work work with nothing to show for it, awakened the notion to make the most of your life doing what you love, being with who you love.

It’s time. 

As I write this, I’ve been thinking of making ESR viable again in these ever-changing times, and our new website will be up in a few weeks.

If you’ve taken the trip with us so far, thank you. The next phase is about to begin.

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