Sep 9, 2011

The Eclectic Screening Room is Back For More Late Night Viewing


A couple of weeks ago we added a little teaser with the opening titles to the second season of our rebooted podcast, "The Eclectic Screening Room" (formerly known as ESR Late Nite).

I am proud to announce that today, the show has officially begun, with the launch of our first episode. Since this is back to school week, we thought it was appropriate to devote the first episode of our new season to misspent youth. Our main feature tonight is the 1957 film Teenage Thunder. Poor young Johnny wants a car, but his dad won't give him one. Further adding insult to injury, his girlfriend has to drive him around, and he gets picked on by the gang in the local malt shop. What does Johnny do? This movie is a lot of fun, and has its share of rumbles and hot rod racing, so common to teen exploitation films of its day.

Prior to the feature, we also present the educational film howler, What About Juvenile Delinquency, about a member of a so-called tough gang finds out his friends had beat up his own father, and the complications that follow. Don't miss the climactic scene where he rips that horrible gang crest from his jacket. To start the evening off there are also some vintage trailers of juvenile delinquency films.


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