Jan 19, 2008

A reminder of why people buy DVDs instead of watching movies on cable....

This afternoon, I was sitting down with my son Elly to watch the end of Grease which is his favourite movie. 1.2 seconds into the credits the "W" network, on which we watched it, decided to squeeze the movie into the top right corner, and blot out the "Grease" theme song on the soundtrack, as some asshole exec thought that reminding us about the next episode of "Missing" was important enough to interrupt what precious and few quality moments I get to spend with my kids. So we were right annoyed at having this classic film being squeezed out of the screen in favour of hammering us over the head to watch yet another bland piece of pap series that only the W Network can muster.

My son Elly usually does this wonderful soft shoe dance whenever "Grease is the Word" comes on over the credits, but alas, this time around, it was not meant to be. Thank you and fuck you W network, and all these other broadcasting conglomerates with their time compressed horseshit and persistent program interruptions of banners and voiceovers to remind us of other shows on their networks, when we've already had such propaganda inundated enough into our psyches during the commercials!!! Funny, I thought the segments of the show were for.... you know, watching the show?!?

And then they bitch and moan, wondering why people buy DVD boxed sets instead of flipping channels. I can't understand either, can you, Elly? Oh never mind, he just got his DVD of Grease back, which he loaned to his best friend Oliver, so now he's content.

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Yes, the "squeeze back". They are annoying, distracting, and obnoxious. As if we are all going to drop to our knees when we see the rude interruption by some idiots who think we are going to tune in to the crap they are trying to promote.

I watched something the other day that a friend of mine directed. All credits were blown away! As soon as the last frame (or rather, field) finished, there came the lunatics.

This is one of the reasons why I watch very little television.

It is not just a question of sometimes wanting to see a credit for some reason, but also the question of dramatics. Having the program crash into those idiotic squeezebacks takes away from the effect.

Don't expect the average television "exhibitor" to understand such a simple concept.

Most of them are SFBs.


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