Sep 25, 2005

09/25/05 No film today- we're at Word on the Street

The night before, just around supper time, I threw up my arms in resignation that I wasn't going to get the rock and roll issue done for Word on the Street, and that turned out to be a small miracle. It's one thing to do a project with the knowledge that you will be the one who will most appreciate it, and so, given the shallow financial prospects of small press, it isn't worth killing yourself over either. That, plus the forecast for rain had me preparing for a dismal turnout anyway. To be certain, it rained all night and into the morning, and finally around lunchtime the sun came out, and people decided to come to Word on the Street after all. Even so, I was so grateful for not giving myself a coronary trying to get ESR #17 ready for the show, because sales for print were dreadful. On the other hand, I sold a whole lot of my 3 DVD titles, and thereby saved my butt that day. It is however a sad indication that people are perhaps become less interested in print and will try on anything digital. More than once, I have thought of taking ESR online, which is a lot cheaper and less agony than doing a print companion, but to read a magazine, you don't need a high-speed connection, RAM and all those other things. Are we THAT enslaved to technology? (and yes, I am fully aware of the irony of that comment being posted on a website) And to be sure, I would most miss that across the table interaction with people who share the admiration for the things I do- that's what I most care about at these things.

And to be certain, I met a bunch of new people, and perhaps began planting some seeds for future prospects for making the whole ESR enterprise (with screenings et al) a bit bigger and better in the future. Time will tell. To me, a good show is not just some sales, but also finishing the day with a head full of promise and ideas in expanding ESR. I did.

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