Sep 19, 2005

Can't Stop the Music (1980)

This infamous musical nauseates many because the Village People are featured in it. Uh-uh-- seeing Steve Guttenberg roller skating in the opening credits sequence is one of the masochistic highlights of this painful exercise in late 70s excess. While a notorious flop in its day, naturally now it has been re-appraised as a cult classic. Time, I guess, proves above all that anything that at least doesn't commit the sin of mediocrity will be discovered as a work of genius someday. (And speaking of which, while I haven't yet seen SGT. PEPPER with the Bee Gees, or the Olivia Newton John classic XANADU- can re-evaluations of these be far behind?) Valerie Perrine says an amazingly prophetic line: "The 80's are going to be so different", anticipating far more than anyone knew. This movie (however PG-rated) is the last word on late 70's excess. If disco is the soundtrack to the Dionysian pursuits of people in the latter half of that decade, then I guess the Village People is its Gabriel. It has been said that this group was responsible for driving disco to the ground, and that may be true, as they made the music even more plastic than before, but in my estimation, disco would have self-destructed sooner or later, right around when Club 54 did. Time also proves something else too- that even hulking accidents like this are topical.

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