Sep 9, 2005

Jandek on Corwood (2003)

Perhaps like you, I had never heard of Jandek prior to hearing of this film. For three decades, he has produced roughly three-dozen albums, featuring a wispy voice often simply accompanied with guitar sounds that are more exclamation points than chords. Up to the release of this film, he has never played publicly, has granted only one (telephone) interview, and operates out of a Texas PO box with the strange title Corwood Industries. This has created a lot of mystique about the man, but as we see interviews with record collectors and rock writers who have bought this mystique, I couldn't help but ask exactly who is creating this mystique? The publicists, or Jandek himself? Perhaps for Jandek it is enough to just record and release the album, regardless of how dismally it sells. Perhaps in this age of over-satured information, it became necessary to create a myth around someone like Jandek, to remind us that there is still something new to discover. In any event, I am happy that this film was made, because I too am intrigued enough to seek out his work.

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