Sep 6, 2005

Born to Boogie (1973)

While reviewing titles for the upcoming rock and roll issue of ESR, I happened across this hour-long curiosity directed by Ringo Starr! It is essentially a concert documentary of Marc Bolan and T. Rex, and for all that it is of historical value. At the same time, it is also a product, and thereby a commentary of the excesses of the days of glam rock. In other words, the music apparently isn't enough- someone felt it was necessary to include such Dionsyian moments of people pigging out at a picnic, getting dressed up as dinosaurs or something, and even scenes of Marc and Ringo talking gibberish. Whatever. In any case, if you have an interest in T. Rex, as do I, it's worth checking out. The concert footage isn't that imaginative (it's one of those films where the direction is to nail down the camera and don't move it no matter what), but hey it features the late great Marc Bolan going through his repetoire, and that alone makes it more essential than anything on MuchMusic.

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