Sep 5, 2005

Van Nuys Blvd. (1979)

The last weekend of the summer is also not the same without screening this drive-in movie about the rowdy goings-on of the dragstrip in Van Nuys California. This impressionistic narrative follows a group of young people's misadventures, and along the way they learn to grow up. Sure it has a lot of infantile gross humour to please its demographic, but this too has a surprisingly adept sense of characterization, as we begin to like even the most irresponsible of these people, as they learn how hurtful their behaviour is. I prefer this one just a smidget over POM POM GIRLS because it has a more ambitious narrative, and quite simply, it moves me. It has the funny-real-sad feel one gets while looking through an old school yearbook- where you want to roll your eyes in embarrassment over some old photos but become affected by your strong bonds of friendship over those rocky years.

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