Aug 30, 2005

Number Seventeen (1932)

Since most of Hitchcock's British films are public domain, they are almost always available on some inexpensive video label. To be sure, Sir Alfred hit his stride with a string of films like REAR WINDOW and VERTIGO which display his knack for comic suspense among high society hi-ballers. However, more often than not, when I need a Hitchcock fix, I will most likely grab one of his British films, simply because they feature a more gritty milieu, and there are some undeniable diamonds in the rough. Case in point, this underrated thriller is a real treat. From a superb opening sequence set in an abandoned house to an exciting finale on a train (never mind the shots of miniatures), Alfred Hitchcock once again allows us to throw our brains at the curb and thrill to our protagonists' getting in and out of trouble.

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