Aug 20, 2005

Lifeguard (1976)

Well, since this week's events have forced me to consider my own destiny, and to ponder what it is I really want, I can only find it appropriate to give a "film of the day" award to this 1976 cult drive-in film featuring the marvelous Sam Elliott as a lifeguard who is being prodded by his friends to go into another line of work, but he's very happy being a lifeguard, thank you very much. While obviously to cater to the drive-in crowd on a rowdy Friday night, there's the usual assortment of juvenile humour, but even so, there is a placid beauty that permeates the movie. LIFEGUARD is much more effective in its quiet moments. It is an overall moving piece about a man who is content with his station in life, while everyone around him is more concerned with status.

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