Aug 19, 2005

Thunder County (1974)

Well, this summer, thanks to the godawful heat in my apartment, I've been spending a lot of nights on the deck, watching something on my portable DVD player, and then falling asleep outside until it was somewhat cool enough to come back into the house. Anyway, the deck of my place became christened "the drive-in", as per my lovely wife and myself constantly visiting Toronto's only sit-down drive-in on the third floor. One of the baubles of this summer experience would have to be this gutter trash from Joseph Brenner, which headlines Mickey Rooney in the credits, although the actor has a glorified cameo instead, as the boat owner the group of escapees from a women's prison work over and rip off on their way to freedom. In the Everglades, they run across some crooks, and it becomes a heavy-breathing melodrama in the swamp. With vague lesbian undertones and Ted "Lurch" Cassidy as the leader of the crooks wearing the loudest suit jacket in recent memory, THUNDER COUNTY is to me an undiscovered drive-in masterpiece awaiting your discovery. Find it, and it make it part of your own drive-in today!

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