Aug 17, 2005

The Day The Music Died (1977)

This is a completely screwed-up movie about the Randall Island 1970 rock festival, which was a huge financial disaster due to the large volume of protesting over how all the money made at these festivals should be going back into the pockets of the counterculture that made such a venue possible in the first place. The documentary and performance footage (featuring Van Morrison, Mountain, to name a few) are intercut with weird wobbly fictitious moments shot years later, featuring DJ Murray the K, giving a play by play account of what is going down that minute at Randall Island; also an actor plays JJ Jackson, the Randall Island promoter who has a sit-down with the conglomerate of protesting hippies. In its own way, this movie becomes perhaps the best indictment I've seen about the love generation, and why their plans to change the world flopped- primarily because these kids couldn't even agree amongst themselves.

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